Receiver drier

The filter elements in the air conditioning system are either called filter-dryers or accumulators depending on the type of system used. The task of the filter-dryer is to remove impurities from the refrigerant and dehumidify it. The liquid refrigerant enters the filter-dryer, flows through a hygroscopic filter and emerges from the filter-dryer again in liquid form. The upper part of a filter-dryer simultaneously serves as a compensation chamber, the lower part as a refrigerant store in order to compensate fluctuations in pressure in the system. Depending on its design, the filter-dryer can only remove a certain amount of humidity - then the drying medium is saturated and no longer in a position to absorb further humidity. For this reason, the filter-dryer usually has to be replaced every 2 years or every time the refrigerant circuit is opened. Excessive ageing of the filter-dryer can lead to considerable faults in the air conditioning system.

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